Current work

I am currently in the process of writing a book on Rites of Passage through life, as well as what really happens when we die. This is not based around a specific religion, spiritual path or belief system, but is an attempt at breaking everything down to the basics of what we all experience in life (but not necessarily realise) and what we all experience in death (without the overlays of belief systems). It is titled FINDING ONE-SELF - The Mechanics of Life & Death and is essential reading for anyone with an interest in either living or dying one day.

Currently, I am also working on illustrations for Scott Alexander King of Animal Dreaming Publishing for his forthcoming book AFTERWORLD - The Journey of Life after Life,

Recent publications I have created covers for include: LAST SHAMAN, by William Whitecloud; GODDESS WALKING, by Annie Wilson; EARTH WARRIOR, by Paul Williamson; and COLD CASE MEDIUM, by Elizabeth Alexander,  amongst others. Divination and message cards include SHAMANS PATH (see inset right) by Dr Steven Farmer with art and design by myself and FROM SURVIVE TO THRIVE Empowerment cards, by Sharon Tal, and others.

Titles by myself as both author and artist coming soon include: the long anticipated DAWN OF A NEW DAY - A Walk in the Wood, sequel to FINDING ONE-SELF - The Mechanics of Life & Death; LOR divination cards and guidebook; RAVEN CODEX Book of Shadows cards and guidebook; and the much anticipated WOODED WAY HANDBOOK of sustainable living in a revisioned world. (Includes an introduction to the Order of The Wood, a contemporary Order of Priests/monks & nuns that is based on devotion to the living Earth we all share as a living being in her own right).